"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe -

Many years ago, a teacher was sitting at her desk dreaming of her future. This teacher, Sara, loved her profession but couldn't shake the dream to be an entrepreneur. Thanks to the amazing guidance of her previous employers at major retailers in the area, she knew she could tackle this project in due time. Fast forward 10 years and Sara is a stay at home mom loving life - but again, this mom couldn't shake the entrepreneurial dream. With the help of a friend, Sara was given a chance to sell clothing in a established retail space and the response was amazing! Women from around the area loved the clothes and began a repeat buying relationship. Then began Lollie! Erie, PA has welcomed Lollie with open arms and customers have now become friends and the store truly resembles the positivity of women supporting women. It is a beacon of what can be when you follow your dreams and believe in the power of a community.

  • 3 years later and through a pandemic! Jeff, Ollie, Lillie, and Sara put their hearts and souls into every day. Ollie is in first grade now, a mere 3 when the store opened, and Lillie is in kindergarden, not a young 2 year old anymore! Oddly though, Jeff and Sara are still 29!

Lollie is proudly operated by a team of women who have much in common. First and foremost, they are mostly all moms who have a passion for pursuing their own dreams while enriching the lives of others. While working at Lollie, all of the ladies have found the power of caring for a family while embracing a new one as customers are turned into life-long friends. How? The ladies strive everyday to create an environment of inclusion that promotes the positivity in fashion and friendship. When we are happy and feel a sense of belonging, our confidence surely follows suit. Certainly this isn't a one way street. Simultaneously, the entire staff is uplifted and gratified by the women (and men) they meet everyday while in the pursuit of the perfect jean, the date night top, or just the perfect "going to the zoo with the family" attire.

As the Lollie & Co family has grown, Sara has added Nest by Lollie, a perfectly curated store of whimsical and casual wares that meet the needs of decorators, homeowners, and gift seekers alike. Additionally, this past February Lollie & Co was proud to open their third brand and store to the family-- Peter James by Lollie, a men's store focused on casual comfort for the modern and practical professional, dad, and all-around genuine dude. 

Cheers to the life we lead and the potential within each of us!